Parlier trims the way for new barbershop

City council approves municipal changes to allow barbershop’s establishment along with resolution to apply for $1 million grant for sports rink

Parlier Community Center plaque on the City Hall building on East Parlier Avenue. (Rigo Moran)
Parlier Community Center plaque on the City Hall building on East Parlier Avenue. (Rigo Moran)
Darren Fraser
Published February 14, 2024  • 
11:00 am

PARLIER – After facing a hairy situation over some plans to bring a new barbershop to Manning Avenue, Parlier City Council snipped through the red tape to make way for the shop’s establishment.

During the Feb. 1 meeting, one of the items on the Parlier City Council agenda was to discuss plans for the new barbershop, which had been proposed by Shogy Ahmed back on Nov. 15, 2023.

Initially, the city’s zoning regulations didn’t allow for barbershops in the area where Ahmed wanted to set up at 13465 E. Manning Ave. However, after some deliberation, the council voted unanimously on Dec. 21, 2023 to amend the municipal code, making way for Ahmed’s barbershop. 

This amendment had to go through a process involving multiple readings of the ordinance. In this case, the council decided to expedite the process by moving the item to the Consent Calendar, where it could be approved with a single vote. 

Additionally, as part of the standard procedure for setting up a new business, an environmental assessment was conducted to ensure compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The assessment concluded that the proposed barbershop wouldn’t have any significant environmental impact, paving the way for its establishment in Parlier.


During the meeting, council also approved a resolution that will allow the city to apply for $1 million in state budget grants to build an indoor/outdoor regional sports park. According to city engineer Javier Andrade, who presented the agenda item to the council, the California State Budget Act of 2023 allocated $1 million specifically for this project.

Andrade told the council that the money for the sports park comes from a part of the state’s budget, a specific line labeled 19.561(b)(59), which set aside funds for the city to build the park. Even though the money is there, the city still needs to formally request it, and now with council approval, city staff can begin submitting applications to get the grant money.

The grant program is a reimbursement program, so Parlier would expend local funds for the construction and then apply for reimbursement from the state. To qualify, the city must enter into a formal contract with the State Department of Parks and Recreation.

The council did not discuss a possible start date for the project.


Also occurring during the Feb. 1 meeting was the appearance of some ongoing antagonisms between Mayor Alma Beltran and the other council members.

For this round, Beltran bickered with Councilmember Diego Garza, who sits to the mayor’s immediate left on the council. After several back and forth exchanges between Beltran and Garza, the mayor ended the exchange by accusing Garza of throwing a tantrum. She then ordered that the council take up the next item on the agenda.

Darren Fraser