Innovation readies to take root at World Ag Expo ‘24

International Agri-Center gears up for the World Ag Expo in February 2024 to present the year’s Top 10 farming products

Photo by Kenny Goodman
Karis Caddell
Published December 20, 2023  • 
10:30 am

TULARE – The World Ag Expo is making its annual return in February to bring together farmers, ranchers and industry professionals to observe the latest tech and news of agriculture.

Tulare will host the 2024 World Ag Expo on Feb. 13-15, at 4500 S Laspina Street. The event will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday. Tickets are on sale now at for $20 each while children under the age of 6 get in for free. 

According to the World Ag Expo website, the expo is one of the largest agricultural trade shows in the world with over 1,200 exhibitors on 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. The show offers a wide range of ag-related exhibitors, seminars, products, wine and cheese, agricultural tours and more.

Every year the event showcases the World Ag Expo’s 2024 Top-10 New Products Competition winners. Products ranged from simple solutions to autonomous robots. The contest judges consisted of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals. 

This year’s winners are listed below:

Amiga V7 by Farm-ng

Amiga V7 by Farm-ng is an electric, configurable, 1.3HP platform – software – that allows farmers, developers and researchers to haul, tow, spray, apply composts, as well as assist in other essential roles. The platform is the erector set of farm tools where the same machine can be configured over the row, wide, narrow, with intelligence and tools that lift or rotate.

The intelligence platform has an open API allowing students, developers and even elementary school students to code and configure the machine to collect data, integrate with other tools and perform repeated robotic tasks. With the GPS guidance system, it can perform precision steering and weed the same plots it seeded earlier in the year with minimal or no operator intervention.

Blue Spray by Bluewhite

BlueSpray brings autonomous precision spraying capabilities to growers in orchards and vineyards. BlueSpray leverages Bluewhite’s autonomous tractor sensing capabilities to provide plant-based spraying in high resolution that can integrate into any existing sprayers, adjusting spray volume and pressure in real-time based on plant size and density, reducing the amount of chemicals used and reducing spray drift without compromising on coverage.

The BlueSpray data feeds into the Bluewhite data platform and is immediately available to the grower and to an agribusiness ecosystem for data insights, compliance and business optimization.

Burro Grande, plus Atlas Online Route Creation by Burro

As a fully autonomous robot powered by AI and outfitted with computer vision plus LiDAR, Burro Grande is the ‘Big Brother’ to the existing Burro platform and boasts a 5,000-pound towing capacity and 1,500-pound pallet scale carry capacity. 

When paired with Atlas, Burro’s online route creation platform, users can construct, manage and share routes across their fleet. Whether towing, carrying or following, Burro Grande allows your existing equipment operators to step away from the seat of a Tractor/UTV, saving valuable labor.

Electric GUSS by GUSS Automation

Electric GUSS is an autonomous electric herbicide orchard sprayer manufactured by GUSS Automation in Kingsburg. Electric GUSS is the first electric autonomous herbicide orchard sprayer in the world and allows a single employee to operate and monitor a combination of up to eight GUSS machines from the safety of his or her vehicle using a laptop computer.

This driverless electric herbicide sprayer uses a combination of LiDAR, GPS, cameras and more to safely and autonomously drive through the orchard, day or night, row after row reducing emissions and saving spray material.

EZ Cut Seal Remover by Country Enterprises

EZ Cut Seal Remover quickly and safely removes seals from most chemical containers without getting debris in the spray or sprayer.

This item holds up to 25 seals and comes with an ejection tool to dispose of the seals without ever touching the chemical. Customizable decals are available for a great promotional item. This product was made by a farmer, for the farmer, and twist is all it takes.

Model B Smart Sprayer by Verdant Robotics

The Verdant Robotics Model B Smart Sprayer is the ultimate solution to eradicate weeds in specialty crops. The Model B works in any field, whether organic or conventional, no-till or cultivated. What sets it apart is Verdant Robotics’ proprietary Bullseye Technology, delivering unmatched millimeter-level targeting of weeds in both high-density and low-density crops, over an extended operational window.

This remarkable Smart Sprayer operates day or night, regardless of weather conditions. With its lightweight design, it swiftly accesses the field, and its formidable power takes on even the largest weeds.

Oliver Colibri by Sutton Ag Enterprises

The Oliver Colibri is the only mechanical weeder available for high-density weeding applications. Utilizing automated camera technology, the Colibri identifies the exact position of the crop and precisely places sawtooth blades between the seed lines.

The Colibri’s steel weeding discs are mounted on hydraulic parallelograms with an independent hydraulic system to ensure uniform and consistent cultivation performance. The Colibri can be used on row spacings as tight as 1.75 inches making mechanical cultivation possible for the first time in high-density crops such as spinach and carrot.

Shark Wheel SWIFT Irrigation Wheel by Shark Wheel Agriculture

The Shark Wheel was invented to solve all wheel issues in center pivot irrigation. The Shark Wheel SWIFT eliminates flat tires, solves rutting, has 60-second repairs if needed, increases crop yield and reduces soil compaction. 

The center pivot/lateral move irrigation wheel leaves a DNA helix footprint in the soil. The front wheel pushes the soil right-left-right, and the rear wheel pushes the soil left-right-left right back where it started.

Shockwave X by OMC Orchard Machinery Corp.

Shockwave X is the World’s First Autonomous Tree Shaker. Orchard Machinery Corp along with Bonsai have created the first Driverless Tree Shaker with no Lidar or GPS. 

The machine will also be outfitted with a deck for shaking pistachios and was built on a Proven OMC chassis that allows continuous movement and efficiency, including 100 vision based autonomy that allows the machine to work in heavy dust and zero cell service conditions.

Standard PTO Kit by Tractor Protection Products

The Standard PTO Kit was designed to offer protection for both the PTO driven implement and the tractor PTO shaft. The Standard PTO Kit eliminates the difficulty found when hooking up a PTO driven implement to the tractor PTO shaft.

The most important feature of the Standard PTO Kit is that all farmers who have tractors and implements will benefit from it, regardless of the size of operation, crops grown or location of the farm. If you have a tractor with a PTO-driven implement, the Standard PTO Kit can help.

Karis Caddell