Work to soon begin on Selma’s Amberwood sewer line

Selma City Council moves closer to east side development by awarding contract for Amberwood sewer trunk line to Dawson-Mauldin, LLC

Selma City Hall located at 1710 Tucker St., Selma, CA. (Kenny Goodman)
Serena Bettis
Published April 3, 2024  • 
10:00 am

SELMA – Selma’s Amberwood district is soon to brace for transformation as local business Dawson-Mauldin, LLC clinches the contract to initiate construction on the area’s long-awaited sewer trunk line.

At its April 1 meeting, the Selma City Council unanimously approved awarding the contract to Dawson-Mauldin, recommended by city staff because it was the lowest responsible bid the city received. The Amberwood trunk line is one of two sewer lines that must be installed before any further residential or commercial development can take place on the edges of the Selma city limits.

“This is something that we’ve needed in our community and thanks (to the fact) that we have a council that’s looking for the future, these are investments that can actually attract a lot of construction, a lot of development,” Councilmember John Trujillo said.

Out of three bids submitted to the city, Dawson-Mauldin’s proposal of $5.8 million in construction costs was over $1 million lower than competitors, Selma City Engineer David Horn said. The other bids received from Floyd Johnston Construction Company and Sierra Construction and Excavation totaled $7.7 million and $7.4 million, respectively. 

According to the staff report on the item, the overall cost for the construction project is estimated at just over $7 million. That includes the construction costs submitted by Dawson-Mauldin, a 10% construction contingency for potential change orders totaling $582,000 and a cost of $640,000 for construction management, testing inspection and administration. 

Funding for the project has already been secured by the city in the form of a lease revenue bond issued by Capital One for an amount not to exceed $8 million. The council approved the bond on Feb. 5 through a 3-2 vote, and the city issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the project on Feb. 7. 

City Manager Fernando Santillan explained that they planned the timing of the bond’s closing and the RFP issuance to be able to adjust the bond amount if bids were higher than expected.

Sewer trunk lines are important to the city’s infrastructure because they receive wastewater from collector sewer lines and transport it to the wastewater treatment plant; it should be noted that development cannot occur without this. 

The Amberwood area development can be traced back to 2015, when the city approved a community specific plan for it. The development would span more than 650 acres on the east side of the city and include more than 2,500 residential units. Once construction on the sewer trunk line is complete, development of the Amberwood specific plan can begin.

City development is also waiting on the construction of a second sewer trunk line along Dinuba Avenue. Santillan said that when the city entered into the bond agreement for the Amberwood trunk line, it was also pre-approved for an additional bond of up to $8 million for the Dinuba trunk line once that project design is finished and ready to go out to bid.

The Amberwood trunk main line will run along Amber Avenue, beginning near Saginaw Avenue to the south and ending northwest of Floral Avenue. 

“Any of the development that’s within the master plan and that (Amberwood) specific plan, this trunk main is designed to accommodate all of that development,” Horn said. 

Santillan said construction of the trunk line will take place in a four to six month window. 

Serena Bettis
General Assignment Reporter