Man convicted for Tulare massage parlor murder

Jacoby Jackson receives conviction for murdering a woman, robbing and setting ablaze a massage studio in April

County of Tulare courthouse and county offices edifice - Photo by Rigo Moran
Mid Valley Times Staff
Published August 6, 2023  • 
2:00 pm

VISALIA – The suspect of an April murder was just found guilty, convicted of first-degree murder with the special circumstance that the murder was committed during a robbery, arson of an inhabited structure and vehicle theft.

Jacoby Jackson, 33, is scheduled to receive his sentencing by the superior court on Aug. 30 for crimes of murder, robbery and arson committed in April. At his sentencing, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Jackson was arrested on April 18 after being found in a stolen car in Stanislaus County. He was then identified as the suspect of the murder that happened nine days prior. During the initial crime, which transpired on April 9, he was the last person seen entering and leaving a Tulare massage business on K street. 

At the massage parlor, police found an adult woman with signs of bruising to her face and strangulation to her neck. Firefighters were also called to put out a fire in a separate room of the business.

After reviewing security footage, officers identified Jackson, who remained in the building for one hour and 45 minutes, leaving with a towel draped over his head. He was then seen attempting to enter a car outside using the victim’s keys, but was unable to because it was not her car.

A few minutes later, smoke began to pour out of the building. 

After being held in Tulare County, Jackson enacted his constitutional right to a speedy trial and opted not to delay his jury trial. This did not work in his favor, as the jury reached guilty verdicts on the underlying charges. 

Jackson’s case was investigated by detective Eric Wilson of the Tulare Police Department and prosecuted by Jessica Weatherly, assistant district attorney of the Tulare County.

During the trial, the judge found true the enhancements and allegations that Jackson possessed a prior strike offense (bank robbery) and prior serious offenses, that the crime caused great bodily injury, was violent in nature, and that the crime was of planning and sophistication.

Mid Valley Times Staff