Fire restrictions lift in Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks

As risks of human-caused wildfires diminishes, National Park Service rekindles campfires and barbeque usage in designated areas of the parks

(Rigo Moran)
Mid Valley Times Staff
Published November 24, 2023  • 
12:00 pm

SEQUOIA AND KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARKS – As the winter chill settles in, the region’s national parks have had their fire restrictions lifted, giving visitors the opportunity to once more gather around the campfire as they enjoy the park’s landscapes.

Effective as of 6 a.m. on Nov. 21, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are no longer under fire restrictions. 

This decision was made following a determination by park leadership and fire management officials that risk from unwanted human-caused wildfires has been greatly reduced. Therefore, as of this latest announcement, campfires and charcoal barbeques are once again permitted in all open, designated areas of the parks. 

However, the National Park Service still asks that park visitors remain diligent. Even with the colder temperatures and higher levels of humidity at this time of year, visitors are urged to exercise great care with fire and potential sources of fire in the parks. Campfires should always be put all the way out, until they are cool to the touch, before individuals turn in for the night or leave the area.  

For detailed information about fire restrictions in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, visit The stages of restrictions vary from three levels of High, Very High and Extreme, and each stage delves into further information on what types of campfires are prohibited on what campground.

Through the link, readers can also find information on additional fire restrictions for backpackers, which are in place for wilderness travel to reduce any impacts on fragile alpine ecosystems, according to the National Park Service.

Mid Valley Times Staff