Alexandra Macedo announces 33rd Assembly seat bid

Alexandra Macedo, a Tulare agriculture legacy, runs for the 33rd District State Assembly seat with support from incumbent Devon Mathis

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Serena Bettis
Published November 30, 2023  • 
12:30 pm

TULARE – Another candidate has entered the race for the 33rd District Assembly seat just one day after incumbent Devon Mathis announced that he will not seek reelection in 2024. 

Alexandra Macedo, a fourth-generation farmer from Tulare, kicked off her campaign on Nov. 28. Macedo said she felt compelled to run for office after witnessing how fulfilling it can be to serve the community through her own work and her work with Mathis — who endorsed her campaign — and other local officials. 

“I thought, ‘This is the thing I’ve been praying for to finally be able to serve something larger than myself,’” Macedo said. “Bring the resources and the things that we need here to the Central Valley, and have the people’s voice heard on a stronger and bigger stage.”

She is now vying against Tulare Democrat Angel Ruiz — who announced his candidacy on Nov. 19 — and Farmersville Unified School District Trustee Ruben Macareno, who announced he would run on Nov. 28 as a result of Mathis’ retirement. 

Representing ag in the capital

Macedo has been heavily involved in agriculture her whole life; her family founded the Tulare Sales Yard, a livestock market, in 1939 and continues to operate it and an almond farm. She said she hopes to bring her agricultural background to Sacramento, with a specific focus on water management and infrastructure. 

After graduating from Tulare Union High School, Macedo went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in business law from California State University Northridge and her law degree from the San Joaquin College of Law. Since 2021, she has been the president of Macedo Environmental Consulting, Inc., where she works with clients to help them navigate environmental regulations and project management. 

According to Macedo’s website, she has worked closely with the State Water Resources Board, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control Board, the Tulare County Resource Management Agency and multiple dairy management programs. Macedo said that her experience with these entities and knowing how they operate will help her be successful as a lawmaker. 

“One thing I’m really interested in doing is becoming that middle man for multiple industries, and encouraging communication and camaraderie in the name of compliance,” Macedo said. 

Macedo said she wants to make sure the Central Valley’s voice is represented in the Assembly, specifically regarding agricultural issues and the cost of living, which she said is a concern across all social classes in the area.

“I want to encourage oversight at the state level for the taxes that we put into place, making sure we keep as much money in the pockets of these hardworking men and women … (while) making sure we’re providing the resources and infrastructure that we need for people to have beautiful towns and schools and libraries,” Macedo said. 

Endorsement from Devon Mathis

Mathis shared his support for Macedo’s campaign on social media less than an hour after her official announcement. In a statement to Mineral King Publishing, he said Macedo has “exactly the kind of background the Valley needs” thanks to her knowledge of ag, farming and ranching, and added that she has the right temperament for the job. 

“Someone with a chip on their shoulder is not what we need,” Mathis said. “I looked around, and so did a lot of others — she has everything needed to be successful in the Assembly.”

Mathis said that after he leaves office, he hopes to see Sacramento start helping and understanding Valley communities more and continue to work on water, health care, public safety and education. 

Mathis has been a mentor to Macedo and will continue to offer his support to her throughout the campaign, and Macedo said she hopes she can “carry on his legacy.” 

The main filing period for the March 2024 elections ends on Dec. 8 and the certified list of candidates for state offices will be posted Dec. 28.

CORRECTION: The story “Alexandra Macedo announces 33rd Assembly seat bid” has been corrected to reflect the fact that Alexandra Macedo is not an attorney. Feb. 29 at 3:19 p.m.

Serena Bettis
General Assignment Reporter