California Table Grapes empowers graduating high school seniors

Growers open the doors to high education for graduating students with scholarship opportunities

(Chinnapong on AdobeStock)
(Chinnapong on AdobeStock)
Mid Valley Times Staff
Published December 6, 2023  • 
10:30 am

FRESNO – In a move to empower graduating high school seniors, California Table Grapes growers are offering three categories of scholarships to students from the state’s table grape growing regions – including students from the regions within the San Joaquin Valley.

These scholarships fall into three distinct categories, catering to a diverse range of academic aspirations. In the first category, the Bridge Scholarship beckons with a generous $14,500 grant. It warmly welcomes graduating seniors embarking on a path that includes two years at a community college, followed by a seamless transition to a four-year university.

Meanwhile, the second category boasts an impressive $25,000 scholarship for those high-achieving graduates who are destined for a four-year university journey, making dreams of higher education more attainable than ever.

Lastly, the third category presents the $25,000 Agricultural Scholarship, specially designed for students residing in the Coachella or San Joaquin valleys. This scholarship invites aspiring scholars with a keen interest in fields of study relevant to the thriving table grape industry.

Each category holds three coveted scholarships, offering numerous opportunities to deserving candidates. All applicants are required to plan their educational journey within the vibrant landscape of California’s colleges and universities.

The deadline to sign up for these opportunities is Friday, February 9, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. So, interested students have until then to submit their applications and to seize the chance to embark on an academic adventure with the support of California’s dedicated table grape growers.

Since 1985, these growers have extended their unwavering support to nearly 200 students, helping them fulfill their college dreams. To gain firsthand insights into the experiences of recent scholarship recipients, visit

Mid Valley Times Staff