Local readers embark on a literary challenge ‘Under the Stars’

Tulare County Library’s “Winter Reading Challenge: Stories Under the Stars” invites readers to embark on a cosmic literary adventure

Mid Valley Times Staff
Published December 14, 2023  • 
10:30 am

TULARE COUNTY – Prepare to be starstruck by a world of books as the Tulare County Library’s renowned reading challenge prepares to take residents on a journey through the cosmos of literature, beckoning readers of all ages and skill sets to come together for an immersive experience.

Tulare County Library’s highly anticipated annual event, the “Winter Reading Challenge: Stories Under the Stars,” is set to captivate readers of all ages, languages and proficiency levels. From Jan. 2 to the 31st, bibliophiles and book enthusiasts can unite for a literary journey that promises engagement and enrichment.

For the youngest members of our community, children aged 0 to 5, the challenge invites them to embark on an adventure of their own by completing 10 books this winter, either solo or with the guiding hand of a parent. Meanwhile, participants in the Kids, Teens and Adults categories are encouraged to read for at least 10 days throughout this period.

While readers are encouraged to choose any books they would like, the county library has also put together a list of recommended reading material with celestial themes. This includes titles for young audiences such as “A Bed of Stars” by Jessica Love, “The Stuff of Stars” by Marion Dane Bauer and “The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon: The True Story of Alan Bean.”

As for older audiences, there are also some educational literary pieces like “Calculating The Cosmos: How Mathematics Unveils The Universe” by Ian Stewart and “Astrophysics For Young People In A Hurry” by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. 

This star-studded book list can be accessed at tularecountylibrary.beanstack.com/lists by clicking on the “O Winter Reading Challenge 2024: Stories Under The Stars” tab.

So, how does one become a part of this exciting literary venture? Starting Wednesday, Dec. 27, interested parties can register either online or in person. After that, on Jan. 2, participants can commence their reading adventure and begin logging their progress. 

To facilitate this, participating readers can pick up bookmark logs for tracking their reading days at their local Tulare County Library branch. Alternatively, they can conveniently go online to the link tularecountylibrary.beanstack.com/reader365, or download the Beanstack Tracker app, available for Android and iOS devices in the App Store or Google Play. 

Also remember – it’s essential to record reading days on Beanstack, or present them at your local branch by Jan. 31, to qualify for the challenge drawing.

For anyone eager to participate online, follow these steps:

  • Register: Create a Beanstack account and sign up for the Winter Reading Challenge.
  • Track: Document your progress by entering each book read or tracking the number of days in your online log. Achieve a progress badge with every book (0-5) or day read. The more you read, the more badges you collect.
  • Progress: Once you’ve conquered ten books (0-5) or ten days, your challenge is complete.

If someone would prefer the traditional approach to this activity, here’s how to play using a paper log:

  • Register: Acquire a reading bookmark log at your nearest Tulare County Library branch.
  • Track: For every book (0-5) read or day completed, fill in a circle on your log.
  • Progress: When you’ve reached the impressive milestone of ten books (0-5) or ten days, submit your log at your branch.

Tulare County Library’s mission is to serve all residents of Tulare County with a network of 17 community-based locations, an adult and family literacy center, Pop Up Tulare County outreach and bookmobile services, as well as a vibrant online presence at www.tularecountylibrary.org

Stay connected and informed by following the Library on Facebook at “Tulare County Library,” Instagram at “@tularecountylib,” or on X at “@TulareCountyLib” or simply check out your local branch’s page. 

Dive into the world of reading and embark on an unforgettable journey with the “Winter Reading Challenge: Stories Under the Stars.”

Mid Valley Times Staff