Sequoia Parks Conservancy fights fires with funds

Impact report reveals 75% of KNP Complex Fund has been met; reports national parks are on road to restoration following biggest fire in parks’ history

(Attila Adam on AdobeStock)
(Attila Adam on AdobeStock)
Mid Valley Times Staff
Published January 23, 2024  • 
1:00 pm

SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK – A recent report from the Sequoia Parks Conservancy is giving park lovers and conservationists a look back into the long journey of restoration after the KNP Complex Fire, the biggest fire in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’ history.

In response to the KNP Complex Fire, which blazed through both national parks in the fall of 2021, Sequoia Parks Conservancy took action by launching the KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund. Now the Conservancy has announced the release of the recovery fund’s impact report to update park enthusiasts on the parks’ path towards restoration.

The impact report gives a transparent and detailed account of the progress that has been taken care of since the fund’s launch. The primary goal of the fund is to raise $1 million to support the recovery of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. And thanks to park lovers, stewards and conservationists, nearly 75% of that goal has been met.

“From the moment the KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund launched, the response from people worldwide has been incredible. Thank you,” Executive Director of Sequoia Parks Conservancy Savannah Boiano said via press release. 

The Sequoia Parks Conservancy’s goal is to complete the $1 million fundraising target by March 31. Donations to the fund support the parks’ work on Sequoia conservation, lost habitat restoration, repairs to damaged cultural and historic structures, and wildfire mitigation efforts. One hundred percent of the money donated will support these efforts within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

“We are proud to provide a transparent accounting of how donor funds have been spent and detail the positive impact of each dollar donated through the KNP Complex Fire Impact Report,” Boiano said.

According to the report, on Sept. 9, 2021, lightning ignited a series of fires that merged into the colossal KNP Complex Fire, the biggest fire in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’ history. After months of fighting the fires, authorities declared containment on Dec. 16, 2021. 

As a result, the fire permanently scarred 16 giant sequoia groves and burned 88,000 acres. Around 1,330 to 2,380 ‘monarchs,’ the oldest and largest giant sequoias died or sustained severe injury.

“The KNP Complex Fire was a clear call to action for everyone. Sequoia Parks Conservancy was uniquely positioned to immediately set up a fundraising campaign on September 12, 2021, to help with recovery and restoration efforts,” Boiano said.

The public is invited to view the report, share it widely and join in the next phase restoring the parks by contributing to help reach the $1 million goal. Beyond financial contributions, Sequoia Parks Conservancy urges supporters to spread the word and back recovery efforts. 

Initiatives like starting a fundraiser on social media, creating a crowdfunding campaign, or reaching out to friends and family are encouraged.  To view the full report, visit

Mid Valley Times Staff