March 5 Primary Election Update: March 13

Serena Bettis
Published March 13, 2024  • 
1:05 pm

The Mid Valley Times will publish updates for Congressional, State Assembly and other local races that impact Fresno County as election updates become available

FRESNO COUNTY – The Mid Valley Times will provide local and district results for Congress, State Assembly, county supervisor and other local elections as they are made available by the Fresno County Elections Office now that election night is over. Updates are released as canvassing continues over the next few weeks. 

The Mid Valley Times will calls races as the number of outstanding votes are counted and when it appears the leading candidate has enough votes to win or move on to the November General Election.

The top two vote-getters for voter-nominated offices, including state legislative offices and U.S. Congressional offices, move on to the November election regardless of if one candidate receives a majority of the votes.

*Called for a candidate to move on to the November election.


District 5 - CALLED

Michael Barkley (D)*

District results 32.8%
Local results 33.9%

Steve Wozniak (NPP)

District results 8.7%
Local results 6.1%

Tom McClintock (R)*

District results 58.6%
Local results 60%

District 13 - CALLED

Adam Gray (D)*

District results 44.9%
Local results 39%

John Duarte (R)*

District results 55.1%
Local results 60.7%

District 20 - CALLED

Vince Fong (R)*

District results 41.2%
Local results 31%

Mike Boudreaux (R)*

District results 24.8%
Local results 26.2%

Marisa Wood (D)

District results 21%
Local results 24.3%

Andy Morales (D)

District results 2.8%
Local results 3.3%

Stan Ellis (R)

District results 2%
Local results 1.5%

Kyle Kirkland (R)

District results 4.2%
Local results 8.2%

Kelly Kulikoff (R)

District results 0.5%
Local results 0.5%

Matthew Stoll (R)

District results 0.7%
Local results 0.7%

David Giglio (R)

District results 1.5%
Local results 2.8%

Ben Dewell (NPP)

District results 0.9%
Local results 1.3%

TJ Esposito (NPP)

District results 0.3%
Local results 0.4%

District 21 - CALLED

Jim Costa (D)*

District results 52.7%
Local results 56.6%

Michael Maher (R)*

District results 47.3%
Local results 43.2%



George Radanovich (R)*

District results 36%
Local results 31.3%

David Tangipa (R)*

District results 31.2%
Local results 38.6%

Michael Matheson (NPP)

District results 3%
Local results 2.5%

Caleb Helsel (D)

District results 29.8%
Local results 27.6%


Esmeralda Soria (D)*

District results 49%
Local results 49%

Joanna Garcia Rose (R)*

District results 51%
Local results 50.8%


Joaquin Arambula (D)*

District results 60%
Local results 59.9%

Solomon Verduzco (R)*

District results 40%
Local results 40%


Angel Ruiz (D)

District results 12.5%
Local results 15.3%

Alexandra Macedo (R)*

District results 44%
Local results 48.8%

Ruben Macareno (D)

District results 15.2%
Local results 10.9%

Xavier Avila (R)*

District results 23.6%
Local results 22.1%

Hipolito Cerros (D)

District results 4.7%
Local results 2.8%

Fresno County Board of Supervisors

District 2 - CALLED - Moves to runoff

Bryce Herrera

District results 10.1%

Dion Bourdase

District results 7.5%

Steve Brandau*

District results 28.2%

Garry Bredefeld*

District results 38.1%

Paul Dictos

District results 16.1%

District 3 - CALLED - Moves to runoff

Edward Hinojosa

District results 16.7%

Miguel Angel Arias

District results 19.8%

Luis Chavez*

District results 26.1%

Sal Quintero*

District results 37.2%

District 5 - CALLED

Jennifer Cruz

District results 28.8%

Nathan Magsig*

District results 71.1%

County & City Measures

Measure A - County Charter Amendment - Section 15

Yes* 55.1%
No 44.9%

Measure B - County Charter Amendment - Section 12

Yes 36.1%
No* 63.9%

Measure E - Fresno State Sales Tax

Yes 42.6%
No* 57.4%

Measure G - Fowler Unified School District Bond Measure (55% to pass)

Yes* 63.5%
No 36.5%

Measure O - Orange Cove Police & Fire Special Tax (2/3 to pass)

Yes 67.6%
No 32.4%
Serena Bettis
General Assignment Reporter