Operations run smoothly at new ‘Juice it Up!’ in Reedley

Juice It Up! drink company joins TOGO’S and Tutti Frutti/taqueria at all-inclusive, multi-store location on East Manning

(Kenny Goodman)
(Kenny Goodman)
Darren Fraser
Published May 6, 2024  • 
10:00 am

REEDLEY – Sindu Singh recently made news when he opened up a Juice it Up! store in Reedley at 1577 East Manning Avenue. But Singh said he is more concerned with providing a safe environment where kindergarteners through high schools can hang out, buy affordable food and enjoy themselves after school and on the weekends.

“I had an idea: How can I bring kindergarten through high school students to a place where they feel safe. They can chill and hang out together, and not be drinking alcohol,” said Singh.

He opened his first multi-store location in Dinuba in 2013. The multi-store arrangement has been successful.

“I was the top earner – $1.5 million in sales,” said Singh. He added that some nights, upwards of 50 students can be found hanging out at the Dinuba location.

Singh is the owner/operator of the Circle K market and gas station on East Manning. The location also includes a TOGO’S, a Tutti Frutti, a taqueria and the Juice It Up! shop.

He said the Burger King that recently opened up on Manning was supposed to join the other stores at the location but they lost out on that.

Singh said when the Reedley location is fully built out, there will be nine establishments serving food. He added there will be ample counter space for students to do homework.

“We’ll have wi-fi,” he said.


The nationwide smoothie and fruit bowl chain is making a name for itself in the San Joaquin Valley. According to Carlo Verdugo, vice president of operations and franchise development, the Reedley location is part of the company’s plan to open multiple locations in Los Angeles County and Northern California. Verdugo said the company’s goal is to have 200 locations nationwide by 2027.

In addition to fruit bowls and traditional fruit smoothies, the chain also offers plant-based smoothies.

For Dinuba resident Singh, adding a Juice It Up! store to the Reedley location was a no brainer.

“Students can get good food here, meals, for as little as $1 up to $9.99. All they can eat,” he said. “Smoothies are part of that.”

But Singh’s plans nearly did not come to fruition.

“I had a proforma (business plan) for Dinuba, but they shot it down,” he said. He said the city wanted separate locations for stores, the rationale being separate stores would generate more revenue. But Singh persisted.

“I wanted a place where people didn’t feel like they were in a liquor store,” he said.

Dinuba eventually relented, and the rest is history.

In 2019, Singh spoke to Reedley City Manager Nicole Zieba about opening a location in Reedley. She was not initially enthusiastic.

“They didn’t want another beer and liquor store,” he said.

But after he explained his concept of a safe and welcoming place for students, Zieba changed her mind.

“She said, ‘Sindu, I am going to help you,’” Singh said. Zieba wanted that type of place for Reedley.

As far as looking ahead, Singh said he intends to build an oil change facility and car wash in the vacant lot next door.

“The biggest around,” he said.

Darren Fraser