Renovations coming to KCAPS headquarters

Kingsburg Community Assistance Program remodels 20-year old building to enhance facility as it continues mission of aiding local families

Kingsburg Community Assistance Programs and Services (KCAPS) kicks off its annual food drive for families in need. (Kenny Goodman)
Mid Valley Times Staff
Published June 24, 2024  • 
9:00 am

KINGSBURG – The non-profit organization Kingsburg Community Assistance Program (KCAPS) has looked to aid its community over the years through its food bank, utility assistance, rental assistance and other ways. As it has been helping others, KCAPS has resided in the same building for the last 20 years. It was not a new building when KCAPS originally moved into it, so it has now reached the point where upgrades are needed. 

Over the last few years, all of the HVAC systems have been replaced. But now, KCAPS has shifted the renovations towards more aesthetic items. The faux mansard roof is currently being replaced and once that is finished, all of the wood trim will receive a fresh coat of paint. 

Since last fall, KCAPS has been in the process of removing its non-functional car wash because of expenses and a need for more parking and future development. KCAPS recently merged two of its parcels after several months of work. KCAPS now seeks to get permission from the City of Kingsburg to actually destroy the car wash building. That should take several months, but once completed, KCAPS will have a newly stripped parking lot for customers. 

With these renovations, KCAPS hopes to continue connecting with the community and get more donations for its food bank that serves 17-20 local families on a daily basis. In addition to Kingsburg, KCAPS serves up 300-350 families in Traver once a month, up from about 90 families just a few years ago. 

The food bank has received many donations from the local community to continue feeding families. Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District recently conducted a food drive for the program and one of the local 4-H groups dropped off some donations of food. This past fall, Save Mart ran a food drive that resulted in nine pallets of food for the food bank. 

KCAPS has also received help from the Kingsburg Tri-County Health Care District with 2024-designated funds for the purchase of food or emergency services needs. Not only will this strengthen the Kingsburg Food Bank, but will enable KCAPS to continue distributing food to Traver families once a month. 

Since Jan. 1, 2019, KCAPS has spent almost $288,000 purchasing food to add to the food that was donated directly to them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, KCAPS received plenty of support from the community to keep the food bank running and able to continue feeding families.

Mid Valley Times Staff