Cedar Grove campground reopens following brief delay

Sentinel Campground reopens at Kings Canyon National Park after a week-long delay because of wildfire activity in the region

A photo of a campsite in the Sentinel Campground in the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park with a picnic table, fire ring and a metal food-storage box. (Via the National Park Service website.)
Mid Valley Times Staff
Published July 3, 2024  • 
10:00 am

KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK – Following a week-long delay due to some wildfire activity in the region, the Sentinel Campground in the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park reopens on July 3.

This reopening announcement was initially scheduled for the week of June 24 but was delayed due to wildfire activity in the region. Wildfires are still active, but not threatening this area of the parks at this time. Smoky conditions with poor air quality are still expected, but conditions vary day by day. 

Before visitors head to the camp to have some fun, they must make a reservation through Recreation.gov. Reservations will be available on a one month rolling window to allow flexibility should fire and smoke conditions change. 

The Cedar Grove area was closed in 2023 due to severe road damage on Highway 180 outside the park from the early 2023 winter storms. This area of the parks reopened for the season on June 10 and will close for the winter on Oct. 28. 

Kings Canyon National Park has not been able to reach the necessary staffing levels required to operate all the campgrounds this season. The parks’ short-term solution is to temporarily close Sunset Campground in Grant Grove (except for group sites) in order to open Sentinel Campground in Cedar Grove. Officials are actively working on an alternate staffing model that may enable the opening of all campgrounds later this season, so campers are advised to watch for updates.

Before heading to the park, visitors are encouraged to check the website www.nps.gov/seki to see current conditions.

Mid Valley Times Staff