Church Ave homicide: Reedley PD serves 4th search warrant

Investigation into a quadruple-homicide continues as Reedley police serve a search warrant at a residence on 13th Street

By Serena Bettis
Published January 24, 2024  • 
3:30 pm
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REEDLEY – The Reedley Police Department (RPD) served another search warrant in connection with the quadruple-homicide investigation the department has been working on for the last two weeks. 

Police announced on Jan. 23 that they served the warrant at a residence in the 2200 block of 13th Street in Reedley earlier that day. The purpose of the warrant was to obtain evidence related to the homicide investigation that began on Jan. 6 after four residents were found dead in the vicinity of their home on South Church Avenue. 

“It is important to note that no additional suspects were arrested during the execution of this search warrant,” RPD said in a press release. “The focus of this action was solely to locate evidence and property associated with the quadruple homicide investigation.”

RPD did not release any information about whether or not property or evidence was located in the search — which took place about a half mile northwest of the initial crime scene — and cited their need to keep information confidential to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the investigation.

Three arrests were made in the earlier stages of the investigation, but RPD has said they are continuing to locate evidence and identify any additional suspects tied to the homicides of Billy Bonds, Darrell Bonds, Guadalupe Chavez Bonds and Matthew Bonds. 

This is the first update RPD has provided with new information related to the investigation since Jan. 12. 

The department released a message on Jan. 16 to share that there were no new developments to report at that time and to acknowledge the public’s desire for more information. The Jan. 23 release reiterated their commitment to answering all questions related to the deaths of the Bonds family members.

“Every lead is being meticulously followed, and every piece of potential evidence is being carefully examined,” RPD said. “We understand the high level of public interest and concern regarding this case and are dedicated to providing transparent and timely updates as appropriate and as the investigation allows.”

This is the fourth search warrant to have been served in relation to the case; the first three were served simultaneously on Jan. 9 at residences in Parlier, Selma and Reedley. At that time, RPD said they did locate evidence connected to the case at each location, including multiple vehicles they believed to hold forensic evidence. 

One of the Jan. 9 search warrants also led to the arrest of three individuals at their Reedley home: a 17-year-old juvenile charged with four counts of homicide and two adults charged as accessories after the fact. 

The two adults, identified as Brynn Curtis, 34, and Rafael Gonzalez, 21, are out of custody on bond. The juvenile, Curtis’ son, is being held in the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Center and is currently awaiting his second court appearance, scheduled for February. 

Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp has announced her intention to petition for the juvenile to be tried as an adult, which Reedley Chief of Police Joe Garza said he fully supports.

As the investigation continues, RPD still encourages anyone with information related to the case to come forward. Those with information can contact the department by phone at 559-637-4250 or can submit tips anonymously through the department’s tip line, which is 559-356-8690 for English speakers and 559-246-4183 for Spanish speakers.

“The Reedley Police Department remains steadfast in its commitment to bringing closure and justice to the families affected by this tragedy and to the Reedley community at large,” RPD said.

Serena Bettis
General Assignment Reporter