Dear Editor,

In an issue a few weeks ago I read that a reporter had received a prestigious Gruner Award for an investigative series on Pregnancy Resource Centers. Then, I was shocked to read it was a series aimed against these centers. Many women abort because they have no help or support, not because it is what they want. Many live with regrets. How sad is that? Pregnancy Centers offer support and many resources such as counseling, supplies for moms and babies, parenting classes for moms and dads, referrals for housing and job assistance. They are a blessing to our communities! How about a series on these positive life stories?

Does Planned Parenthood explain fetal development to clients- and what they actually do to the fetus during and after the abortion? They receive our taxpayer money to do these things against many of us taxpayer’s beliefs. Yes, as mentioned in your article, misinformation or no information is a big problem. Offering abortion as the main option for women and not offering alternatives or help is a real tragedy. As far as reproductive health is concerned, Pregnancy Centers are some of the best resources to connect with medical clinics in your area, too. They do all this as non-profits on tight budgets because they have compassion for women, babies and families. I think they are community heroes!


Joanne Tatum
Dinuba, Calif.