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Local news is what’s sorely lacking in America today, and we are here to revive it. If you’re looking for a gig that gives you the glory of covering the state house or lands your name on national headlines then keep on moving. This isn’t the job for you, and with all due respect we don’t want you. But if you’re looking to put in the work of covering local government from the board of supervisors to special water districts, especially from the lens of a rural community, then you’re in the right place.

This isn’t your grandpa’s newsroom where the building is bursting at the seams with wanting reporters. Instead, this is the local news team investigating their own stories, sometimes taking their own photos, and pitching weekly in depth enterprise stories. It is a difficult but fulfilling grind for a passionate reporter wanting to make an impact in a California community.


It is expected that this person will be a team player and always willing to learn. Skeleton crew newsrooms leave no place for lazy reporters to hide, so be ready to come to work every day, write at least 1 story per day, and become a part of the community in any way they can. Other expectations are as follows:


An associates or bachelors degree in journalism is required. However, a degree in a related field will be considered. Preferred experience is as follows:


Mineral King Publishing inc. (owners of the Mid Valley Times and The Sun-Gazette) is an independently owned publishing company with weekly newspaper products while maintaining a daily online presence in California’s San Joaquin Valley, but specifically in Fresno and Tulare Counties. The newspaper covers all pertinent topics, focusing mostly on the various governmental entities throughout both counties. We publish every Wednesday and Thursday in print. In addition to the weekly paper, executive editor Paul Myers produces a weekly podcast titled The Paper Trail Podcast.

The Mid Valley Times team is currently made up of a publisher, editor, five reporters, two receptionists, one bookkeeper, one delivery driver, four circulation employees, two sales representatives and five pressmen.


Please email your resume, cover letter, writing samples and a list of references (both personal and professional) to and cc with the subject: GA Reporter Position.

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