What are Classifieds?

Classifieds are small, simple ads that are organized by a category or “classification.” These classifications range from yard sales to real estate. Ads can be boxed or may appear as a larger display ad. To view current classifieds click HERE.


Liners – $22 for one week, $35 for two weeks, $55 for three weeks, and $65 for four weeks.

Yard Sales: $18 per week.

Class Display – $12.54 per column inch. Price is for each week of publication.

Business Directory – $175 for four weeks.

How to Submit

Classifieds should be mailed to or faxed to (559) 638-5021. The email should include an attachment of any artwork for display ads (i.e. company logos) and a copy of the text you wish to publish in the Classifieds section. All formats, with the exception of Microsoft Publisher (.pub) documents, will be accepted. For questions, please call our front office at (559) 559-638-244. Customer service hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except on holidays). You can also reach us by email at